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Paul La Farge

42 Minutes

FREE 04.17.18 Episode 309: Paul La Farge
Luminous Airplanes
On the day before the paperback edition of The Night Ocean arrives, we meet again with Paul La Farge to speak about his 2011 work, Luminous Airplanes, an expansive, hugely imaginative, and very funny novel about history, love, memory, family, flying machines, dance music, and the end of the world.
Topics: 90s, San Francisco, Infinite Jest, Internet, Digital Media, Immersive Text, Truth, Buildungsroman, Blogs, History, The New, Curmudgeon, Video Games, Research, Interactive Fictions, Millerites, Apocalypse, Y2K, 911, Technological Change, Narrative.
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04.24.17 Episode 269: Paul La Farge
The Night Ocean
The program considers the horrors of everyday life by taking a trip to Florida with novelist Paul La Farge to visit H.P. Lovecraft and Robert Barlow during the spring of 1934. A Lesser Summoning and Contact with Ye Outer Spheres is described in Yoh-Vombis.
Topics: Lovecraft, Transmigration, Obsession, Cemetery of Forgotten Books, Souls, Intimacy, The Closet, Robert Barlow, Homosexual, Mat Ruff, Get Out, Racism, Xenophobia, Homophobia, The Ballad of Black Tom, Belsen, Horror, Truth, Stories, Communities, Science Fiction, Collaboration, Mystery.
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09.14.15 Episode 197: Paul La Farge
Destroy All Monsters
Today on 42 Minutes we pick up where Don Draper left us, in 1970, to visit a midwestern basement in lieu of a literal dungeon, with author Paul La Farge as our Dungeon Master who helps teach us how to Destroy All Monsters.
Topics: Dungeons & Dragons, Gary Gygax, Avalon War Games, Chainmail, Dave Arneson, Compleat Strategist, Mazes And Monsters, Demons, Larpers, Cooperation, Imagination, TSR, Wizards of The Coast, D20, T.Hanks, Radio Row.
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