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42 Minutes

05.09.17 Episode 271: Mike Clelland
The Messengers
Meanwhile, 25 years later, the owls still are not what they seem, so we enlist the help of Mike Clelland as our guide to understand "the message".
Topics: Owls, UFOs, Synchronicity, Waterline, Complexity, Twin Peaks, Communion, Screen Memory, Self Exploration, Babylon, Witch, Sinister, Shaman, Death, Psychopomp, Symbol, Magic, Meaning, Contact, Initiation,Bohemian Grove, Athena, Kirby Surprise.
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07.22.14 Episode 146: Mike Clelland
Owls, UFOs & Synchronicity: The Hidden Experience
Topics: Lorenz Attractor, Chaos, Synchronicity, Owls, UFOs, Grey Alien, Mind Control, Messenger, Dream Analysis, Queen Of The Night, Shamanic Awakenings, A Spiritual Path.
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Always Record

10.25.12 Always Record 23 | Saucer Full of Secrets w/

Mike Clelland

On today's episode, Alan, David and Bill talk with Mike Clelland about the relationship between sync and UFO's, the paranormal, and a mysterious specter known only as "the lampshade". . . . Mike Clelland is also contributing a chapter to The Sync Book Vol.2

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pentamental 8:

Mary Rodwell, Mike Clelland

Topics: Ufology, ACERN, Transformation & Reality, Therapy, Dr. John Mack, Finding Meaning, ET & Shamanic Awakening, Blue Beings, Cultural Acceptance, Hallucinations, Physical ET, Missing Time, FREE, Intuition, Authority, Hypnotherapy, Past-Life Imprints, Soul Journeys, Duality, Indigo Children, Holographic Universe, Synchronicity

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Part 2 - Hidden Experience(s) w/ Mike Clelland:

Naturalist & blogger Mike Clelland discusses the interconnection(s) between extraterrestrial encounters, owls, and shamanic initiation.

Topics: Hidden Experience, Screen Memory, Owls & UFO, Biological Surveillance Tools, Psychic Communication, Wisdom & Athena, Silent Flight, Shamanic Initiation, Reiki Healing, Inner Space & Outer Space, Big Q(s), Sync & ET, Personal Experience(s), Fairies, Alarm Clocks, Spaceship Earth, Twin Peaks, Communion

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