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Michael Allen

42 Minutes

05.02.17 Episode 270: Michael Allen
The program conducts its annual spring check-in with our favorite projectionist, Michael Allen, to talk Synchronicity and music, and to get our 2017 Coachella update.
Topics: Coachella, Spring, Burning Man, Warpaint, Tripping Daisy, SXSW, The Revolution, 1999, Prince, Ballon Chain, Pop, Lady Gaga, Radiohead, VIP, Synchronicity, The Numbers, 137, 420, Affirmation, Divination, Observation, DMT, Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, Truth, Prophet.
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Listen: Michael Allen on Sync Book Radio at

Read: "The Mastermind Behind Coachella" at

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Trust: A Confidence Man at

05.15.16 Bonus 41: Michael Allen
Visit: What Is Synchrodelia? at
Tonight, for a bonus midweek freestyle, the program checks in with LA for our 2016 Coachella report and to talk "Synchrodelia" with our favorite projectionist, Michael Allen.
Topics: Cinco de Mayo, Synchro deNyo, Silent Disco, Prince, Never Ending Story, Purple Reign, Beyonce, MTV, Radiohead, Sign O' The Times, NWA, 42, Burning Man, Guns & Roses, Flow, Lizard People, Snopes, The Elevator.
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04.15.15 Bonus 29: Michael Allen
We Radiate Reality
With "festival culture" and music still on our brain, we reconnect with Michael Allen on Tax Day to talk money, music, and light under the dome at Coachella and beyond.
Topics: Coachella, Flying Lotus, Warpaint, Visual Music, Squarepusher, Punk Rock, Soul, Ontology, Embodied, Color, Taxes, Empire, Disco, Advertising, Synchronicity, Truth.
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Check Out: We Radiate Reality on

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Read: "A Brief History of Coachella"

03.03.15 Episode 174: De Lux
Treefort Music Fest - Voyage
Today we begin in earnest a month of shows with the artists playing Treefort Music Fest in Boise, ID March 25-29. We kick off the series with Sean & Isaac of De Lux from LA.
Topics: Treefort, LA, Talking Heads, DJ Dodger Stadium, Karen Finley, Pianos, NY, of Montreal, BadBadNotGood, Foxygen, Sweaty, 1982, Neurolux, El Sauz, Cosmos, Michael Allen, Innovative Leisure.
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Intro song: "Moments" by De Lux - available at

Outro song: "It All Works All The Time" by De Lux - available at

Closing song: "Brighter End Of Dark" by De Lux - available at

Purchase: Treefort Tickets at

07.15.14 Episode 145: Michael Allen
Project Ions
Topics: LA, Burning Man, Sync, Projection, Tarot, Dark Side Of The Rainbow, 237, The Jejune Institute, Church Of The Subgenius, Wall Of Oz, Chronos & Kairos.
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03.04.14 Episode 126: Magic Sword
Volume One
Topics: Treefort, Feast, The Charm School, VaC, Film Sync, Dark Side of The Rainbow, AR74: Michael Allen, Comics, Heavy Metal, Moebius, 1980, Blade Runner, Lady Hawke, John Carpenter, Wendy Carlos, The Chosen One.
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Always Record

01.23.14 Always Record 74 | EyeOnASphere w/

Michael Allen

Video Projection Artist Michael Allen ( puts David and Alan into his Montauk chair and blasts awesomeness at their brains.

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