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Sync Book Press

The second volume of The Sync Book with 26 new authors. November 29, 2012. Joe Alexander + Richard Arrowsmith + Mike Clelland + Loren Coleman + Anadæ Quenyan Effro + FraterX + Freeman + Mark Golding + Jasun Horusly + Victoria Hunt + John Kale + William Klaus + Mark LeClair + Paul Levy + Trish & Rob Macgregor + Nexus of Sync + Scott Onstott + Anthony Peake + Robert Perry + David Plate + Riotfish + Alex Robinson + Ezra Sandzer-Bell + Noah Sherrill + Dr. Kirby Surprise + Frank Zero Cover by Justin Morgan with mandalas by Mark Golding

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42 Minutes

FREE 11.26.18 Episode 318: Trish and Rob Macgregor
Secrets Of Spirit Communication
The program reconnects with Trish and Rob Macgregor, prolific authors, (who both are featured in The Sync Book), and discuss time slips and hurricanes. Oh, synchronicity too.
Topics: Florida, Hurricanes, Irma, Turnpike, Maria, Michael, South FL, Key West, Area X, St. Marks Refuge, The Fog, Bermuda Triangle, Fort St. Catherine, 1780, Dear John, Climate Change, Global Warming, Synchronicity, Bohm, Strieber, Jung, Freud, Outliers.
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03.04.16 Episode 219: Trish and Rob Macgregor
On this leap day, a month of "contacts" comes to a close with a discussion on precognition with synchronicity writers, Trish and Rob Macgregor.
Topics: Synchronicity, Precognition, Planetary Empaths, X-Files, UFO Hunters, Andros Island, Black Helicopters, Fiction, Plausibility, Jupiter, Strieber, Flat Earth.
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12.24.13 Episode 116: Trish and Rob Macgregor
The Synchronicity Highway
Topics: Aliens in the Backyard, Christmas, Grays & Skin Suits, Santa Claus, Joseph McMoneagle, Whitley Strieber, Trickster Syncs, Xperiencers.
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04.09.13 Episode 79: Trish and Rob Macgregor
"UFOs and Synchros"
(Chapter 6 of The Sync Book Vol. 2)
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