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42 Minutes

FREE 06.21.19 Episode 337: Jeffrey Kripal
The Flip
Today we consider the future of knowledge via The Flip, which is Dr. Jeffrey Kripal's new, ambitious book, outlining a visionary program for unifying the sciences and the humanities to expand our minds, open our hearts, and negotiate a peaceful resolution to the culture wars.
Topics: Chronicle Of Higher Education, Extraordinary Experiences, Humanities & Sciences, Politics, Ethics, Matter: Dead, Lacks Agency, US, Consciousness, Awareness, Dual Aspect Monism, Environmental Collapse, Intellectual Elites, Transmission, Filter Thesis, Technological Metaphor, Seed & Soil, Dualistic, Jill Bollte Tayor, Competition, Ego, Parallel, Super Story.
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FREE 10.23.17 Episode 290: Jeffrey Kripal
La Madonna dell'UFO
According to Terrence McKenna, "We are part of a symbiotic relationship with something which disguises itself as an extraterrestrial invasion so as not to alarm us." Philip K. Dick calls this Valis. And Jeffrey Kripal defines and enumerates this process as "The Super Story" in his book Mutants & Mystics.
Topics: Hurricane Harvey, Huston, Flooding, Survivor's Guilt, Twin Peaks, Kurt Andersen, Fantasyland, Authors Of The Impossible, Logic, Paranormal, Magic, Counterculture, Truth, Relativism, Fake News, Jim Carrey, Fashion Week, Messiah, Persona, The Mask, Superman, UFO, Paranoia, The Coming Race, Jack Kirby.
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10.24.16 Episode 246: Jacques the Fatalist
28 Days 6 Hours 42 Minutes 12 Seconds
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. Or that's what Doug and Will find as they look back at five years of 42 Minutes on the very day they set the thing in motion. Were all five years present in that first episode? Maybe! Find out . . .
Topics: Anniversary, Synchronicity, Time Travel, Back To The Future, Joe Alexander, Jake Kotze, Sync Practice, Talkshoe, Girl On A Train, Time Is A Loop, Rushed, Sex, Science, Wormhole, 911, Kripal, King, Creation, Writing, Agency, Inception, 42.
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06.27.16 Episode 233: Jeffrey Kripal
The Super Natural
The extraordinary exists if we know where to look for it and how to think about it, and today's guest, Dr Jeffrey Kripal, author of the recent book, The Super Natural, helps us to see it.
Topics: Mutants & Mystics, The Visitors, Academics, Future Community, Hope, Science Fiction & Horror, Abduction Experience, Alien, Conversation, Comparative Religion, Phenomenological Cut, Social Ego, Paranormal, Cognition, Mind, Paradox, Telepathic, Hermeneutics, Saying Away.
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06.13.16 Episode 231: Erik Davis
Gnosticism is the belief that the god of this world is false. Today, we enter the world next door by going into a rabbit hole with author and speaker, Erik Davis. We consider his popular 1998 book, TechGnosis, which has recently been republished by North Atlantic Books.
Topics: PhD, Kripal, Eliade, McKenna, RAW, Gleick, The Information, PKD, Harold Bloom, Technology, Baudrillard, Simulation, Hyperreal, High Weirdness, Religion, 90's Pop Culture, Singularity, Embody, Conspiracy, Valis, Psychosis, Led Zeppelin.
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FREE 10.05.15 Episode 200: Rupert Sheldrake
The Science of Synchronicity
Today for a very special 21 minutes, we do our part in "setting science free" and we do so with the help of author, biologist, and banned Ted-talker, Rupert Sheldrake.
Topics: Dark Matter, Underworld, Cosmic Unconscious, Cosmology, Habits, Materialism, Supernormal, Dean Radin, Jeffrey Kripal, Psychic Weather, Synchronicity, Explanation, Intention, Prayer, Living Cosmos.
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09.07.15 Episode 196: Jeffrey Kripal
The Altered States Of Esalen
And so begins our 5th Season of 42 Minutes. We resume today from our summer break on the edge (figuratively and literally), with our favorite guest, Dr. Jeffrey Kripal, with whom we further explore his book about Esalen.
Topics: Big Sur, Don Draper, Panticapaeum, Fritz Perls, Abe Maslow, Freudian Left, Human Potential, Hot Seat, X Club, TH Huxley, Darwin, Mutations, Island, Tantra, Super Sex, Danger, Owl.
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10.15.14 Episode 154: Jeffrey Kripal
Visions of the Impossible
Topics: Sex & Politics, Valis, Victoria Nelson, Barbara Ehrenreich, Mystical Experience, Dean Radin, Book Of The Damned, Jung & Pauli, Psi, Electricity, Hairy Hand, The Erotic, Communion.
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02.19.13 Episode 72: Jeffrey Kripal
America And The Religion Of No Religion
Visit: Jeffrey Kripal at TEDxHouston 2012 on
The Esalen Institute
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07.03.12 Episode 39: Jeffrey Kripal
Mutants and Mystics
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