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Jordan Bartee

42 Minutes

FREE 09.11.18 Episode 314: Jordan Bartee
In perfect fashion, we get into sync with a Fox on the run for 911. Today the program heads out onto the interstate for 42 Minutes with Jordan Bartee, reconnecting with so much history.
Topics: Interstate 60, Back To The Future, Bob Gale, Zemeckis, O.W. Grant, Synchronicity Genie, Christopher Lloyd, 8 Ball, Oracle, Ego Killer,, Disney, Hallmark, Michael Pollan, Cannabis, Materialism, 911, Fox, Red Twins, RAW .
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FREE 02.18.18 Episode 299: Jordan Bartee
Prince Of Darkness
Before man walked the earth . . . it slept for centuries. It is evil. It is real. It is awakening. And today for 42 minutes we consider it with Jordan Bartee who makes sync films under the moniker Synk Century.
Topics: Me Too, Time's Up, 1987, Masculine Scientific Project, Sexism, Synchronicity, Symbolism, Genre, Meaning, Consciousness, Trump World, Film & Media, Analysis, Collaboration, Editing, Sync Stack, Pynchon, Jung.
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05.16.17 Episode 272: Jordan Bartee
The program has the pleasure of meeting a new synchromysitic filmmaker today, Jordan Bartee, responsible for the recent film, Initiation.
Topics: Synchromysticism, Apophenia Productions, Synchronicity, Writing One's Self, John Carpenter, Indiana Jones, David Plate, Sorry Cassandra, Oneohtrix Point Never, Garden of Delete, Information Theory, Systems Theory, Academic, Simulation, Answers, PhD, Meatloaf, Terminator, 911, Donnie, Darko, Transcontexuality, Mind, Reality, Cinema, Modular Video Synths.
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Always Record


07.24.19 Always Record 192 | Screen Memoriam w/

Jordan Bartee and Alan Waller

Jordan Bartee, a mutated video vagrant from dimension 11, and Alan Waller, a big gnome, stumble into AR to discuss precognition, ghost magic and vaporwave.

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