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42 Minutes

FREE 07.27.17 Episode 283: Twin Peaks Unwrapped
Laura Is The One
The program continues unwrapping the Twin Peaks fan community by meeting up with Ben & Bryon hosts and producers of the podcast, Twin Peaks Unwrapped.
Topics: Twin Peaks: The Return, Dougie, Sex, Las Vegas, 2:53, John Thorne, Secret History, Mark Frost, Albert, Diane, iTunes, Ebay, Twin Peaks Fan Festival.
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05.22.17 Episode 274: John Thorne
Twin Peaks: The Return
Since the stars have turned and a time has presented itself, you better believe we are all chomping that out-of-style gum today in a place both wonderful and strange and we are doing so with Wrapped In Plastic co-creator, John Thorne, to discuss the first four hours of Twin Peaks 2017. HELOOOOOO.
Topics: Twin Peaks, Laura Palmer, LA Premiere, Meanwhile, The Arm, Fire Walk With Me, Log Lady, Catherine Coulson, Don Davis, Miguel Ferrer, Blue Rose, Showtime, Mark Frost, The Chromatics, Dana Ashbrook, Family Reunion, Golden Age, Black Lodge, Binge Watch, Slow TV.
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06.05.16 Episode 230: John Thorne & Brad Dukes
The Great Southern
Visit: The Great Southern Twin Peaks Fan Fest
For this 42 Minutes, we're inquiring about clean rooms, reasonably priced, but not at the Great Northern, at the Great Southern rather. Today we'll dig into this Twin Peaks fan fest with a couple of the panelists: John Thorne, creator and editor of Wrapped In Plastic Magazine, and Brad Dukes, author of Reflections.
Topics: X-Files, David Duchovny, Twin Peaks Season 3, Lynch & Frost, 217, Spoilers? The Secret History of Twin Peaks, Hardywood Brewery, Charlotte Stewart, Kimmy Robertson, Richmond, VA, Red Room Podcast, Little House in the Hollywood Hills, Twin Peaks FAQ, Bowie, Catherine Coulson, Cast List, Easter Eggs.
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02.10.15 Episode 171: John Thorne
Wrapped In Plastic
She's dead. Wrapped in plastic. Today the program travels to "Northern Washington" to connect with John Thorne, creator & editor of Wrapped In Plastic magazine, to speculate about 25 years later.
Topics: Twin Peaks, Serial, Judicial System, Forensics, Evidence, Art, Fire Walk With Me, Interiority, Synchronicity, Portlandia, Ray Wise, Archetype Cast, Bowie, Cooper, Lynch, Symbolism, Bob.
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