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Jake kotze

42 Minutes

FREE 04.23.19 Episode 333: Jake kotze
The Sync Whole
Upon the 10th anniversary of the group sync blog, The Sync Whole, the program shares 42 minutes with its founder, Jake kotze.
Topics: Synchromysticism, 10th Anniversary, 2012, Canadian Museum For Human Rights, Jim Sanders, Juan Flores, Tonkiri, Ayahuasca, Time Loops, Nonlocal, Ripples, 911, Practice, Insanity, New Normal, Social Media, Way Back Machine, Censorship, Love, Super Heroes, Phoenix, Blackhole, Syncjack, Event Horizon, The Flip Monism, Panpsychism, Church AND State, WWW, Community.
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FREE 05.21.18 Episode 311: Alan Abbadessa Green
Vision & The Voice
Upon the release of the full length feature sync film, Vision & The Voice, the program has the pleasure of sharing 42 Minutes with its creator and the editor of the Sync Books, Alan Abbadessa Green.
Topics: The Infinite Jest, Sync Summit, Bill Klaus, Synchronize, Negativland, Fine Just Fine, Joe Alexander, Always Record #175, Senses, Perceptions Synchronicity, Elements, Time, Reality Synchromysticism, Jake kotze, Rodney Ascher, Little Nemo, Catharsis, Politics, Bread Crumbs, Meditation, Znore, Kay Pax, Sync Book Volume 3.
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10.24.16 Episode 246: Jacques the Fatalist
28 Days 6 Hours 42 Minutes 12 Seconds
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. Or that's what Doug and Will find as they look back at five years of 42 Minutes on the very day they set the thing in motion. Were all five years present in that first episode? Maybe! Find out . . .
Topics: Anniversary, Synchronicity, Time Travel, Back To The Future, Joe Alexander, Jake kotze, Sync Practice, Talkshoe, Girl On A Train, Time Is A Loop, Rushed, Sex, Science, Wormhole, 911, Kripal, King, Creation, Writing, Agency, Inception, 42.
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11.08.15 Episode 204: Jake kotze
Will Morgan Sync Renegade Series 5: As Slow As Syncmas/As Fast As Time:God
Visit: Watch: Time:God . . . Jake on Twitter . . . Visit: The Sync Whole
Jake visits with Will as they catch up and discuss Jake's most recent Sync videos.
Topics: Back To the Future Predicts 9/11, Social Media, Proof Of God, @Midnight, #TheWorldPeaceProject, Projector vs Movie, Time/Light/Gravity, Red Stripe, Red Knight, Over The Rainbow, Mary Steenburgen, Horses, The Chicken Or The Egg, Abraxas, The Super Dooper Looper, Jupiter, Saturn, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, The Sync Whole, Syncing With Sync Work, Crashing Hard Drives.
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05.01.15 Bonus 31: William Klaus
Will Morgan Sync Renegade Series
Will and Bill hash out their differences during libations.
Topics: Sync As Wallpaper, Tree As Transistor, Afterlife, God Helmet, Jake kotze & The Wendy Williams Show, Ignorance/Ig-Norance, Belief = Death, Tao Te Ching #41, Avatar Oedipus, Holographic Universe's Bit Rate, Shitting in Luxury.
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05.20.14 Episode 137: Jake kotze
Visit: @seallion & Watch Hurt on
Topics: Heart, Hurt, John & William, Truth, Mysticism, Robin Tunney, Animation, Rodney Ascher, 42, TheRon, Star Mummy 3, World Peace.
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11.19.13 Episode 111: Jen Palmer
Synchcast/Time Is Art
Visit: . . .
(Chapter 11 of The Sync Book Vol. 1)
Topics: The Sync Movie, Synchcast, Friendship, Jake kotze, Jim Sanders, Feedback, Nassim Haramein.
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FREE 09.25.12 101010
greenroom blowout!!! (Jake, Jon, Joe) --props to Morgan for the sweet editing.
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08.21.12 Episode 46: Jake kotze
Synchromysticism and "The Wind In The Trees"
Visit: @Seallion on Twitter
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02.11.12 Episode 17: Steve Willner & Jake kotze
The Synchromystic Arts
Visit: Steve's YouTube Channel . . . Jake's Twitter
(Chapters 21 and 23 of The Sync Book)
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Steve and Jake in the Green Room
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Even More Because This Is So Good
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FREE 11.30.11 Jake kotze and Jeremy (Violator) in the Green Room
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11.22.11 Episode 6: Jake kotze & Jim Sanders
Visit: Seallion on Twitter . . . SyncWinnipeg on Twitter
(Chapters 9 and 21 of The Sync Book)
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Always Record

11.16.15 Always Record 139 | Figure 008 w/

BizARro Team

The Bizarro AR Team is back! Alex Fulton, Dennis Koch, and SJ Anderson discuss the recent James Bond film Spectre. Later, they delve into the life and strangeness surrounding the late singer Elliott Smith. (Recorded 11.14.15) Topics include: Octopus, Danny Casolaro, Golden Eye, Janus, Clockwork Orange, EWS, Possession, NIN, 153, 42, Mirrors, The Game, Fight Club, David Fincher, Tower card, Merovingian bloodline, Plugging into the Matrix, Zero Theorem, M, Q, 17, Terry Gilliam, Cristoph Waltz, Vatican telescope, Satanism, Wachowskis, Time Bandits, Akira, Kubrick’s final speech, Daedalus, Labyrinth, Apollo Missions, Hunger Games, Penrose tiling, Art card, Archer, Sagittarius, Diana, Isabeau, Bowman, Man in the High Castle, Ridley Scott, David Foster Wallace, Jake kotze, Literature vs. Film, The Shining, James Salter, Paris Review, Janus Films, 24 frames per second, Spin cycle, Being John Malkovich, Crowley, Scotland, Boleskine House, Jimmy Page, Waltzes, Panopticon, London Eye, 411, 114, PT Anderson, Olympics ’84, Perception, The Pale King, Lebron James, Brentwood, Sunset Blvd, Brea Tar Pits, Wilshire Blvd, Lacma Museum, California, Caliph, Crown, Infinite Jest, Yeast, Chelation, Mercury, Parasites, Candide, Trauma and the artist, MK Ultra, Crowley, Holy Guardian Angel, Philip K. Dick, Kurt Cobain, Scientology, Hypnosis, Jennifer Chiba, Suicide King, Oscars ‘98, John Malkovich and Yoko Ono, Stanly Tucci, Abyss, Nietzsche, Peter Sellers, Klaus Kinski, Lifespan, Werner Herzog, Tower Trump, Donald Trump 2016, 1008 = 24x42, 504 = 153+351, Sister Cities, The Great Concavity, Finnegan’s Wake, Garbage dump, Orbiting model, Twin Peaks, Double R diner, 18, The Moon and Sun cards, LA (song)

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02.14.13 Always Record 38 | Satellite Heart w/

Jake Kotze

We enjoy a BAD(214) Romance this Valentine's Day with Jake kotze . . . Chapter 21 of The Sync Book Vol. 1.

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Download Part 1
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10.18.12 Always Record 22 | Ramblin' Rose

David and Bill ramble about American Beauty, stand-up comedy, the Red Door, and a dash of politics. Part 2 references these two clips: Ari Shaffir on Salvia: (from DEATHSQUAD podcast: and Jake kotze "The Red Door":

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Sync Quick News


sync quick news 17:

My Pet Goat III: The Lightning-Struck Tower

Remember what book Bush was reading during 911? Well, here's another Pet Goat for you all. We continue from last week's look at OZ/77 and examine the Lightning Flash inherent in every aspect of 9/11.



synchronize Zero:

Opening Day

Jackie Robinson Day Ka-Base-Ballah by Andras Jones ... Alan Abbadessa-Green interviews Alex Robinson ... Alex Robinson plays Radio8Ball ... Jason Barrera on recent events as they sync to his work at ... Jake kotze reviews the movie "42" ... "April 19th" by Andras Jones

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synchronize 1:

Another Dawn

Synchronistic Star Wars by Alan Abbadessa-Green ... Rae Dawn Chong interviewed by Alan Abbadessa-Green ... Rae Dawn Chong plays Radio8Ball with Andras Jones ... Ezra Sandzer-Bell decodes Mick Jagger's "Just Another Night"

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synchronize S2E02:

Red House Pinky Finger

First, Ezra Sandzer-Bell helps Alan Green correct his mistake from Episode One. Then we return to the Olympia Sync Summit where Andy Shmushkin welcomes Jim to ask the first audience question of the Radio8Ball show with musical guest Peter David Connelly. Then we dive into a wide-ranging Sync(w)hole with Seth Green, Jake kotze, Marty Leeds, Jim Sanders, and the death of Robin Williams.

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Hip Gnosis


hip gnosis 1:

Jake Kotze, An Introduction to Synchromysticism

The first episode of Kevin Halcotts Hip-Gnosis series. We begin with an introduction to Synchromysticism by Jake kotze and Kevin Halcott. We explore the concept of synchronicity, non dual consciousness, synchronicity and world events, the Twin Towers, the Pyramids of Giza, Kurt Russel, Stargate Syncs, Prophecy, 42, Jupiter, the meaning of Life the Universe and Everything.rnFollowing the Introduction Kevin gives his first presentation on Synchronicity and the Thoth Tarot.