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06.11.17 Episode 277: Andrew W. Griffin
American Girl
We shine our "Cosmic Flashlights" today on this morning's investigation of the "Case Files" from Twin Peaks: The Return and with the help of Red Dirt editor, Andrew Griffin, we discover an American Girl.
Topics: Twin Peaks, Coffee, 1991, Cooper Diary, Mt Rushmore, Secret History of Twin Peaks, Scott Frost, Las Vegas, Rancho Rosa, Synchromysticism, Dougies, 2:53, DUGE LV, David Bowie, Technology, Windom, Earl, Mark Frost, Jimmy Stewart, John Milius, 33, New Harmony, Black Lodge, Covfefe, Dust Devil Dreams, Russ Tamblyn.
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11.12.14 Bonus 17: Andrew W. Griffin
Dopey Little Tykes, The Stalks
Visit: "Maize/maze" at
Topics: King Lear, Children Of The Corn, 2001, The Earthling, Twister, Contact, The Kick, Naomi Klein, The Fountain, Robin Williams, Dreams, 2037, Manifest Destiny, 1989.
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01.14.14 Episode 119: Andrew W. Griffin
Red Dirt Report
Topics: Red, Duran Duran, Andras Jones, The Shining, Twister, Rio, Jung, The Red Book, Communisim, Oklahoma & Red Dirt.
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My Pet Goat III: The Lightning-Struck Tower

Remember what book Bush was reading during 911? Well, here's another Pet Goat for you all. We continue from last week's look at OZ/77 and examine the Lightning Flash inherent in every aspect of 9/11.

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