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42 Minutes

09.05.16 Episode 239: Olympia Sync Summit 2016
Synker Things
Will and Doug come home from vacation to discuss their first meeting at the 2016 Oly Sync Summit.
Topics: Kitchen Sync, Jerry Rosenberger, Algorithm Intelligence Mixer, Immediacy, Ephemeral Nature of Sync, Flight 23, Fatalism, Balance, Social Media, I5 Traffic, David Plate, Ben Goraj, Denney's, Federal Way, Tree of Life, Bo G, Sync Machine, Supernals, Bumbles, Dogs, State of Being, Radio8Ball, Patrick Sevc, Renegade, Knight of Cups, Doors, Fight Club, Jaws.
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10.21.14 Episode 155: Benjamin Goraj
Goraygami A Fractal Repurpose
Topics: Blunt, Wu Tang, Repurpose, Hip Hop Culture, Phantomshino, Waking Life, Conspiracy, Detroit, Modular Origami, Christmas, Nintendo, Fractal, Matter & Pattern, The Brink.
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Always Record


02.19.18 Always Record 181 | State Of The Union w/

Ben Goraj

Here is a chat that started out as 42 Minutes but ended up an Always Record, recorded on the day of The State Of The Union (01.30.2018) and presented on President's Day (02.19.2018).

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09.16.16 Always Record 164 | Paper Moon w/

Ben Goraj

Listen as origamist Ben Goraj & John Maguire rejoin the conversation to talk Olympia Sync Summit, present shock, future shock, the art of the hustle, and of course, the final frontier -- space.

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09.06.16 Always Record 163 | Live from Olympia

Recorded live at Obsidian on Saturday August 20th, as part of the 2016 Olympia Sync Summit, after a screening of David Plate's "Jack of Hearts" film (click the link below to watch the full film yourself). David Plate, Alan Green, and John Maguire are joined by Andras Jones, Will Morgan, Patrick Sevc, Ben Goraj, Jason Barrera, Hannah Craven, Danny Columbo, Bo G., and Misty Greer.

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