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42 MINUTES # 339:

(More) Spring Book Club

Don Quixote Part II

As Don Quixote was published in two parts, so too does the spring book club meet again to have another go at the Ingenious Gentlemen Don Quixote De La Mancha. Now with more goats!


Newest Member Exclusive:

Beyond 42 Minutes 311: Vision & The Voice

The program goes beyond the initial 42 Minutes with Alan Abbadessa Green to continue our discussion about Vision & the Voice.




It's the big messy Synchroniz e season finale! Mark Hosler of Negativlan d asks the last question at the Radio8Ball show hosted by Andy Shmushkin with Peter David Connelly of The Mona Reels. Alan Abbadessa- Green pays tribute to Negativlan d with a...



Julie Atlas Muz, Mat Fraser

Burlesque performer & stage choreograp her Julie Atlas Muz joins us to discuss the...

Actor & disabled rights activist Mat Fraser joins us to discuss the history of...


Marty Leeds # 28:

Dennis McKenna, Three for Silver

Season finale with ethnopharmacologist, lecturer and author Dennis McKenna. Plus musical guest, Three For Silver.


Fine Just Fine # Contact:

Wally Scharold full presentation: Boise 2016

On Saturday March 26th, Wally Scharold gave a presentati on at the 2016 Boise Spring Sync event, where he discussed the 1997 film "Contact" as related to the Shannon-We aver model of communicat ion, as well as a number of hidden gems and synchronic ities...


Hip Gnosis # 7:

The Merkaba Mysteries Parts 1 and 2

Commentary on the Merkaba Mysteries, the recurrence of Boats as symbolic of the journey into the underworld, dream world, unconscious, and or out of body. As well as the symbolism of the Tobacco plant used as a protectant in journeys to other dimensions or realities

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