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David Charles Plate's Research in Synchronicity Naturally Occurring in Multi-Media

Welcome to SYNCFLIX, brought to you by David Charles Plate. What you have stumbled upon is the largest collection of experiments exploring profound synchronicity between albums and films you will find on the net. Each experiment is 100% repeatable, so if parts of what you watch you simply can’t believe you are encouraged to pick up a copy of the film and/or album and try it out for yourself. There is an extensive story behind each one of these discoveries and slews of correspondences that go far beyond what one might generally assume just at first glance. Many of these syncs relate to real life events that beg the question whether art is imitating life or if life is imitating art, being that there are so many examples that can’t be easily explained when the implications are honestly examined; this tendency can create some cognitive dissonance for a good cross section of people, but the THING speaks for itself and is certainly not without its payoffs, if one is willing to see it through. Many of the release dates played into the realizations, as well as corresponding lengths of the components, which are often discovered after the fact. For example: several albums, when started at the exact second the film starts, will loop 1,2,3, or 4 times and the album will then happen to end at the exact same second the film ends, which from David’s perspective, is nothing short of astonishing, being that up to this point this has only happened with first attempts at particular pairings, he hadn’t tried the components with anything else prior and they happened to land in this way. Also, this was without the timing playing any role in those discoveries, but rather, repeatedly basing the experiments soley on symbolism and resonance. Other films, when the end of the album or closest song is aligned exactly to end of the film, the beginning of the pairing will often land in a very unusual way, as though the anchor point for starting were intentionally placed there, though without conformation by the artists involved it’s difficult to affirm whether this is ever indeed the case. It has ultimately taken him 20 years to compile this many uncanny correspondences. Initially, most experiments were technically unsuccessful, though in time this has changed, and though this work has been the most regular activity of his life for all this time, it has only been in the last 7 years or so that it has truly taken off. This is largely due to picking up on running occult themes tied directly into his studies, hidden is plain site as it were; Kabbalistic subtext is, after all, embedded in most media. The increase in direct hits of late has also been due to the large number of fellow researchers that make up the think tank that is Just to qualify a significant point here: everything will go in sync with everything to some extent, and sometimes, admittedly, to a large extent. This can even happen with the radio while you’re watching commercials… but this isn’t what interests David, the goal here was to uncover examples that truly and demonstrably cross a definite line as a whole production, and then maintain their flow throughout. These examples then, in many cases, happen to bleed over into reality in undeniable ways. That these films exist here on a site with such little traffic should hopefully make it feel something along the lines of that Chinatown antique store Hoyt Axton walks into in Gremlins where he discovers the Mogwai. Scroll around and find a pairing that you feel drawn to and see where it takes you. All are full features and here for easy instant streaming and download. It has been our goal to make these available in as high quality as possible, so paradoxically this can mean certain slower computers or those with weaker internet connections may find streaming somewhat difficult, others will have no problem. This is why we have the download option, which should give you more than enough time to prepare popcorn. This is completely non-profit research into a genuine and extensively far reaching phenomenon. In the tradition of what has been popularized as the ‘Dark Side of the Rainbow’ David has gone to great lengths to make his discoveries available to the public in their most accessible form. After tremendous difficulties navigating standard video hosting sites he hopes and prays that the work he has dedicated his life to be given a space to continue to exist in all its glory. David’s synchromystic collage art can be found here: Art by David Charles Plate and his 7 and ½ Magnum Opus can be found here: Sorry Cassandra I Misunderstood: Everything Predicts 9-11 This film was intended as an homage to Stanley Kubrick’s original tag line for 2001: A Space Odyssey where he called it ‘The Ultimate Trip’; David decided to put together a film that is, in fact, the length of a trip and delivers just that… If you would like to contact David email him at Thank you, and enjoy!

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Ring Ring Anita

go deeper down the rabbit hole



(Here's the Story) Morning Glory

this experiment is dedicated to Gus Golding



Prometheus' Covenant

in the 2nd round Wings for Mary 1 is overlaid with Viginti Tres/Wings for Mary 2 (believed by many to be the album's 'hidden track') and Lost Keys is followed by Faaip de Oiad.



MK Ultrasound Presents: A Black Swan Event

Darren Aronofsky's masterpiece beneath a mix by David Charles Plate created years prior to the release of the film using 2 turntables, a VCR, and a 303 sampler




this experiment was inspired by Andras Jones