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its in my chart 9:

Wake in Progress I: Thunder Words

The thunder words, are the 1001 tales of our "Wake" in progress, going fordward by going back (our genealogy to God, and to our Castle). The first thunder word is actually about Bob Dobbs-Neveritt predicting, both the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the fall of Wall street. And the beginning of the book starts with directions to the Castle and Environs of riverruns of la Loire. McLuhan referred to his work as "applied Joyce"; but Joyce is applied Bob, as his work is actually a song about the chronicles of iONdom, the timeless Bobyssey of a becoming Galaxy, not so far away. "In McLuhan's eyes, Joyce was the true prophet of today's cybernetic, hypermedia culture. With Finnegans Wake, McLuhan believed Joyce succeeded in crafting an extremely complex "artificial language" to respond to the challenge of the syncretistic and synaesthetic tendencies of the emerging modes of communicative and expressional technology" (Theall, Virtual McLuhan 161). The technique in Finnegans Wake that McLuhan continually highlighted was Joyce's synaesthetic fusion of the dream-time and our media extensions, the Menippean ability to mix carnivalesque humor with a scholarly, historical overview of how "the shifts within scientific thought... impinge on human communications" (Theall 176). For the centerpiece of War and Peace in the Global Village McLuhan presents his analysis of Joyce's ten thunders, those enigmatic one-hundred-letter words that periodically explode from the pages of the Wake, as representing the ten technological stages of mankind"- Robert Guffey Joyce was the ph-rophet of the iONic Galaxy, the Novation, and the Cloud.

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Who was Fulcanelli?

Who was Mr. Mystery? Who was Fulcanelli? Fulcanelli (fl. 1920s) was the name used by a French alchemist and esoteric author, whose identity is still debated. The name Fulcanelli seems...


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THE MATRIX II: Media Morphosis

The Archi-tech,, the Oracle, Neo, Morpheus, Trinity, the Satellite Conductor, the Central Scrutinizer, the Controller of the Universe, Ulysses, all those archetypes are YOU!. Similar...


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The Matrix I: Dust Interference

To take the iONic red pills, you need to engage the information and the chemistry to reconnect to the Non-Physical. The RNA Drops take care of the Physical Body, Bob and iON take care...


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The Sensus Communis, Synesthesia, and the Soul

This video is about Eric McLuhan's "Sensus Communis, Synesthesia, and the Soul", overlayed by Bob Dobbs-Neveritt.rnBefore there was a division of the senses as one was made...


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The Twelfth Thunder

In the beginning was blah, blah, blah. now there is the iONic multi-entendre to make sensical sense of the Genesis, the Fall, the Creation with Freakuency and Chemistry, the separation...


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It's In My Chart II

This video is about Chambord, and the New Renaissance.


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It's In My Chart

"The barrel to which I was attached sunk very little farther than half the distance between the bottom of the gulf and the spot at which I leaped overboard, before a great change...