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astromusik 3:

Arun Joseph Ragan, Artist and Magician

Seasoned left-coast psychonaut Arun Joseph Ragan comes on the show to discuss his experience working with Western Ceremonial Magick and its connection to the correspondences cited in ASTROMUSIK. We discuss his annual Krampuslauf street-parades in Portland and the importance of acknowledging the pillar of severity during the holiday season. Arun describes his method of dreamwork in creating and executing rituals, including his use of the eight Church modes for incantation. We also touch on the idea of maintaining secrecy as a useful method of self-cultivation, regardless of what that secret actually is. Listen in for a discussion of the celestial macrocosm and microcosm, the harmony of the spheres, and plenty more. We look forward to having Arun back on the show again in the future!

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astromusik 2

Andras Jones

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astromusik 1

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