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article: Creativity, Synchronicity, Genius and Prophecy (oh my!)


The Universe is the Practical Joke of the General at the Expense of the Particular …

The reality of psychic phenomena has always been disputed and for most of us who are raised in a materialist cultural worldview the idea of a person having psychic abilities sounds like a superstitious and outlandish one. For some of us we might brush the surface of psychic phenomena and maybe have had experiences like when we think of a friend just before they decide to give us a call. Maybe we’ve had an unexplainable coincidence at some point in our lives that leaves us a little more receptive to the idea that our consciousness might all somehow be interconnected beyond the apparent restrictions of space and time. Is it possible then that what we know about quantum physics might confirm the scientific validity of consciousness also having qualities that are both local and non-local?

When I first heard about the implications of quantum mechanics I felt that it made some sense out of some of my personal experiences with on and off precognition that I had through dreams over the years. The game changing time and space related conclusions of quantum mechanics also reminded me of a quote by occultist Aleister Crowley that I’ve always enjoyed, “Science is always discovering odd scraps of magical wisdom and making a tremendous fuss about its cleverness”. The particular nugget of mystical or magickal wisdom that I felt Quantum Mechanics came along to confirm was the Hindu concept of the Jeweled Net of Indra. The myth tells us that the deity Indra suspended a jeweled net across the universe so that every change in one part is reflected throughout the whole entire universe, just like our discoveries in quantum entanglement. Hindu mysticism, Chaos Theory, and Quantum mechanics are all coming to the same conclusions. I found it a profound synchronicity when I recently read an article that said “Physicists reported this week the discovery of a jewel-like geometric object that dramatically simplifies calculations of particle interactions and challenges the notion that space and time are fundamental components of reality.” And other headlines like “Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Mechanics. This was also a profound sync for me as when I began my Gonzo-Illuminist journey blogging about coincidences, pop, and mysticism back in 2008 I chose the alias “Indras Net” based on the nature of said myths relationship to the synchronistic universal mind concept and also a phonetic resonance with the Web of the Internet. I called my blog Live from Chapel Perilous at first in honor of Robert Anton Wilsons Cosmic Trigger but as my paranoid approach developed quickly into a more curious and joyful one I chose the name Gonzo Pop-Mystical title “Live from the Logosphere”. The stranger synchronicity in all of this for me is that I would spend from 2009 to the present having most of my work intuitively surrounding the symbolism of the Rainbow and all its archetypal inferences with actors, actresses, movies and implications. It wasn’t until 2010 that I would do enough reading into the hindu sync deity Indra to realize that his full name Indradhanush translates to “Lord Indra of the Rainbow”. It would turn out that rainbows, lightning and jewels were all sacred to this Deity. I had no idea that I was blogging about Rainbows under the Rainbow deity moniker for a few years, this was one of many fascinating coincidences I’ve had over the years and felt like a wink from the white rabbit trickster itself. I’ll get to other people who have found synchronicity and prophecy revealed through their own creative endeavors as well. However I am also one of those people who has had frequent psychic experiences of different intensities over the last decade of my life. I have friends and family who can attest to dreams of mine that came true within hours of myself uttering my dream/prediction and my journals and twitter feed also contain well documented pattern entrainments. Over the years I have also had a strong tendency to write about actors and actresses right before their passing, an eerie list spanning from Michael Jackson, Zelda Rubinstein, Jose Arguelles and Robin Williams ( all of whom I had been associating with Rainbow connections).The death of Michael Jackson was the most astonishing to me as I had just finished spending a week compiling his connections to the Rainbow and the Egyptian afterlife when I found out he died. This can also be attested by the dates on my blog articles and tweets. The weirdness levels kept rising the more I rode these waves of awareness.

So why is any of this important we might ask, well for me my experiences affirmed beyond any scientific theorizing that consciousness itself could indeed have aspects that are non local, that events not yet materialized in space time could be accessed in consciousness beyond the restrictions of time. Once you have an experience that affirms this non-local nature of consciousness one has actually tapped into the mythic immortality spoken of by the mystics and shamans of time immemorial, it is actually a part of our human constitution that we are intrinsically linked with some aspect of existence that is not bound by mortality, physicality and space-time. If there is some part of our consciousness that is linked to non-linear space time then that means that there is some part of us that is supra-physical and thus in a sense potentially immortal. There is a part of all of us right now that is outside of time, the ancient Greeks would call this the Augoeides that part of us that is in the world but not of the world, the silent center spoken of in various self awareness vocabularies. When that part of ourself communicates with our conscious mind we can experience it as our Genius or Daimon, a messenger form of the true self or Crowleys idea of the Holy Guardian Angel, Mercury, Thoth / Hermes Tristmegistus. This is the White Rabbit also, Frank from Donnie Darko, the overself that steps in like the 6 Foot Tall Irish Phooka Rabbit and as the mercurial trickster would have it, leaves us questioning whether our mind or the universe is planting information easter eggs and playing tricks on us. The creative process for many people opens up an avenue for inspiration and imagination to communicate from that place outside time within us, we have heard countless stories of geniuses who had revelations through, visions, intuition, dreams and etc. In fact it would seem that many of those whom we would regard as people of creative genius have acknowledged themselves that something even beyond their worldly self awareness becomes part of the equation when they transmit new information into reality.There is an automatic part of ourselves that is already in love with some aspect of the world and when we find it whether it is an art, science, housekeeping, construction work, janitorial services or anything else, we will naturally sync into automattic and intuitive play with our environment and that is everyones Genius. The imagination is also outside of time and our inner world is the very platform of visionary or psychic revelation. This then affirms for me why the works of creative minds have revealed unintended prophecy as it is the imagination that allows for non-local prophetic data to arrive in the present. To see the power and effect of imagination we only need to look at the world we live in right now as a society we live and breathe imagined traditions and walk in imagined cities using imagined devices and communicating in imagined systems. This non local nature of the imaginative and creative quality drives home why all the ancient deities of Wisdom, Communication and Writing were the Gods of Magick and Medicine also and why creativity and sorcery are often equivocated in our vocabulary.

Some of my favorite authors who explored the depths of synchronicity, metaphystics and conspiracies have had these same experiences of personal prophecy as well as unexplainable non local entrainment with people and events. For instance we have the great Philp K Dick who had an unexplainable psychic flash while seeing a fish necklace the delivery woman on his doorstep was wearing. The flash was a download of a mass of knowledge, languages, information, and prophecy that puzzled Phil for the rest of his life and colored the essence of his work. The incredible part of this download for PKD was that the condition his unborn child was to to bear was revealed to him and he was correct in his psychic prognosis. We also have the work of another great by the name of Robert Anton Wilson who shared a good deal of the psychic phenomena he awakened through his experiments with consciousness and magickal techniques in the aforementioned Cosmic Trigger series. RAW would also find that at different points in his life non-local information would come through to him through different people, media and history. Occultist Aleister Crowley would also perform magickal experiments in private and document in his journal what he felt were reverberations in his awareness and the world around him. All of these great thinkers were writers of fiction as well. Going into much more popular creative prophecy we have authors like H.G. Wells and his fictional prophecy of World War 2, the Atomic Bomb, Lazers are good examples to name a few. Gullivers Travels somehow predicted how many Moons were on Mars before our instruments could reveal that information. Science has even pointed out that literary works of Genius bear natural patterns of fractal mathematics in their makeup. We also her about how Mary Shelleys Frankenstein was prophetic and an inspiration to surgical procedures yet to come. The works of George Orwell and Aldous Huxley predicted much of the shape and tone of the systems of authority and surveillance that are typical to our day and age at present. Star Trek and 2001 A Space Odyssey featured clear predictions of the devices that humanity would soon craft for information, communication and storage. We live in a time where Science Fiction has become science fact as we enjoyed noticing the Back to the Future prediction of Hoverboards and Trump. This brings up the 9/11 Prophecy that occurs in Back to the Future as revealed by Synchromystic artist Joe Alexander. Joe found that if you watch Back to the Future 1 and 2 that most of the core details of the 9/11 event are present in the plot. Details so stunningly on point and scenes so oddly aligned that it appears to me evidence of a higher intelligence at work in the creation of the work of art. Is it possible that Genius connects us to a place in consciousness that is outside of time and that we can actually transmit information from outside of time through the creative act? It appears to me that the more we invest our Genius and intuition into something the more upon reflection that we realize the Desire/Love/Union that brought us and these things together and the results of that union reveal that a greater mind is actually at work in both the individual and the seemingly separate world around them. It’s as if our consciousness is an aggregate for a larger universal intelligence. The ancient gnostics had a term for this calling it the Pleroma or the fullness of life. Carl Jung said pleroma is both "nothing and everything. It is quite fruitless to think about pleroma. Therein both thinking and being cease, since the eternal and infinite possess no qualities." Jung believed Synchronicity revealed the unity of the subjective and objective distinctions proving that they are two aspects of the same undifferentiated organism. This is our empathetic nature as well, as Bill Hicks once said “Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Here’s Tom with the Weather.” This reminds me also of the Qabalistic entity known as Arikh Anpin or the Long Face and the Macroprosopus. All being projected into the form of an old wise man otherwise known as the Ancient of Days and All Father, whos beard hairs that extend throughout the cosmos are the invisible cosmic forces that unite and underlie all things in existence. When the synchronistic detective ties the dots together with red string as we’ve seen in many a mystery investigation, we are pulling on the beard strings of the macroprosopus and at play with this greater self. The end result of synchronistic awareness is a holistic contemplation of that transcendent union of subject and object. When we take that transcendent unity consideration one step further we can arrive at the gnosis of the ancients, “Thou Art That”. The realization that the all pervading divinity that we have projected outward into an image of God is an exact projection of That which is within us and moving us as well. As the occulted words of that dude Jesus Christ said: "I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High”.


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Creativity, Synchronicity, Genius and Prophecy (oh my!)

The Universe is the Practical Joke of the General at the Expense of the Particular …

The reality of psychic phenomena has always been disputed and...