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2005-2006 | Into the Spider-verse

Vanity Fair recognized the film Loose Change as "the first Internet blockbuster". Nearly 15 years later, this new documentary covers the early days of online cinema as an outcropping of the 9/11 conspiracy mindset, as well as the ways that artform and subculture evolved to look at strange coincidences in media that tie into or foreshadow 9/11. The video ends with a look at how these two perspectives and approaches to 9/11 "truth" have been intertwined from the beginning.

2007-2008 | Sign of the Times

A closer look at the film that would undoubtedly rank as the 'Second Internet blockbuster'. Zeitgeist, released in 2007, flourished amid a renaissance of all things symbolic, mythological, or vaguely esoteric. We then look at the ways the Obama campaign rode that same wave to a much bigger success and may have even inspired Trump to do the same.

2011 | Coronation of the King

We are all struggling to make sense of the world in 2020. What can we learn by realizing that our current moment was *Explicitly* foreshadowed by one weekend in 2011?

2012 | Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Terence McKenna & TimeWave Zero :: Rik Clay & the 2012 Olympics
Plus Corona virus "predicted" in a bunch of media and an update on our Lion King syncs from the previous episode.

Episode 5

Coming in 2020

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