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    Cool share Amber! ODD TV did a neat series on the 88th episode of certain series sharing commonalities across the 88th episodes respectively, but that seems to be down now. Been having syncs with double numbers the past few days, and this takes the cake that I can’t seem to find it. I want that cake back. He’s got some neat work. And to respond to your message from my now also deleted (sync?) Black Moth Super Rainbow (so good…) post, yes, that was me, and hello to you too!

    I’ll take this moment to recommend if you haven’t checked it out yet, definitely get yourself in to ‘It’s In My Chart’. Holy SMOKES. Too incredible. I feel like my brain is getting a cleaning and an upgrade watching it. Not that I pretend to understand most or even half of it.

    I’m uploading an image from the blog which ‘IIMC’ uses in a not-yet uploaded to SB episode which has this great and also-mind-blowing diagram relating to sacred geometry, neurology, and kundalini. EEE!

    credit/source to –

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    in reply to: Always Record 151: X Marks the Folded Space #12232

    With relation to ‘Founder’s Mutation’, it’s pretty synchronistic that Mark Passio (mentioned on SQN #17 for his discovery of splitting the two towers’ values to get 93 each) is like splitting the respective dna to get a new form of being from the ‘aliens’ and humans i.e. Scully, Mulder, and we see that Passio’s new musical project is titled ‘Founders’ – .

    in reply to: Welcome #11670

    M could just be ‘M’, and mason and mail are both M’s. But that’s uncanny. Coz I see it and my first reaction is ‘it’s on purpose!’ – but then it’s like, ‘M’aybe…

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    in reply to: Welcome #11662

    Paul Levy on | Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil | Segment 1 of 2

    in reply to: "The Thinker" #11661

    The Flaming Lips – “Ego Trpping at the Gates of Hell”
    From ‘Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots’

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)