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    Nina Mathis

    About Baselworld 2017, it seems to have been to introduce new Breguet.Breguet this year launched a number of remarkable works, including masterpieces, classic, maritime and Naples and other series, I like this classic series Classique 7147, it is really the United States to suffocating!
    Although this new Classique 7147 design is very simple, but whether it is the overall style of the various design details are still vague Meng poke in my point.Sleek and elegant lines of the case, beautiful posture Breguet Arabic numerals, blue steel poison people Breguet hands, clever little three-pin layout, of course, transparent sober white grand feu enamel dial, all in all constitute the new watch a classic simple style, clear contrast black and white, but also to watch and legible, 5 o’clock, small seconds disc second hand uses the same blue steel hands, very classical design of the pointer, and classic center of the dial blue steel Breguet hands across the distant, echoing each other.
    Here we must mention a large fire enamel technique.Art Deco enamel has a long history, but until the Renaissance, was widely used in the Best Cheap Replica Corum industry, still insisted on sticking to the traditional techniques, the process is extremely complicated: the use of silicic acid, borax, saltpeter and red lead mixture of colorless glassy material, followed by addition of a metal oxide in which the toner ensure colorful enamel Enduring; wet treatment and then subjected to pulverization to prepare a glaze, applied to the metal layer by layer carefully carcass into the furnace through 800 ° above temperature calcination C.So repeatedly, until the dial showing a glossy white.This is the middle of the burning heat and duration, as well as coloring techniques have high demands, among any mistakes, resulting enamel defects may occur.Another, also has a separate number and dial Breguet invisible signature, reveals the luxury and understated.
    If the front of the watch is simple but not simple, then the back is relatively complex and delicate a.Through the sapphire crystal case back we can clearly appreciate the 502.3SD internal self-winding movement equipped.This siliceous movement with springs, using embedded flip lever escapement mechanism, with a siliceous pallet.Silicon Light weight with excellent anti-magnetic effect, another extraordinary movement more reliable performance, so silicon balance spring is now the darling of many senior Best Cheap Replica Corum Golden Bridge brands.This movement is a movement thin, the thickness of only 2.4 mm, 12 points method, 35 gem.Power reserve 45 hours, and engraved with the movement number Breguet words.Modified movement also always carefully, the eccentric rotation large Tuo decorated chi Lou spike radiation pattern, is the finishing touch, the rest of the decorated Geneva stripes, exudes attractive metallic luster.
    The Classique 7147 can be said to Breguet since its 1775 founding of all signature elements delicately melt in a perfect fusion of the brand’s classic and traditional, reproduction of the classic beauty brand’s early works, but also to show us Breguet unique aesthetic design.Classic style with a modern 40 mm size, it can become a highly wear the dress form.
    The new Classique 7147 watch were two versions, in addition to the above Platinum Edition as well as rose gold version, comparatively speaking, I prefer the white gold version, shiny white metal, cool colors with a large fire enamel dial stunning, more low-key taste He exudes an elegant ascetic temperament.The rose gold version of the relatively few popular, warm color seem more vivid.Platinum Edition which sells for $ 21,000, rose gold version sells for $ 21,500.If I want to say that steel models, you would expect it?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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