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    bill klaus

    I see the The Wall in the Truman Show as representing the limits of the Palm Tree Garden, best described by PKD in The Divine Invasion (the PTG = the Flat Earth in todays chaos). The PTG and the Black Iron Prison are two subsets of Reality. The BIP has explicit barriers keeping its inhabitants from the greener grass on the other side. There is no conspiracy, you know where you are and it aint good. The name of the game here is survival. Pretty basic. But the PTG has invisible barriers keeping its inhabitants from the “real” grass on the other side. People may never know they are in the PTG (the Matrix, red pill/blue pill). What is especially cruel about our current state of reality is that those of us born into the PTG fight our way out of it and into the BIP! Now most if not all who make this discovery fight like hell to regain entrance into the PTG, but that isn’t so simple. Those who stay in the BIP are never fully trusted by those born into the BIP. So that’s where most of us here find ourselves, between the two. Now, PKD is able to define these in black and white terms (or red and blue terms in the Matrix), but I think we all know that everything has a spectrum of effects; the PTG and the BIP are entangled in a fractal hologram. But once you are able to recognize the two I think you are able to alchemize both realities; you have two substances with which you can make a third. If you have three, you can build a spectrum, a new reality, a tribe. But what is inescapable is that the BIP and the PTG can never be destroyed; they are eternal; some are just a lot worse than the others.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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