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02.03.19 EPISODE # 26:

Groundhog Day Symbolic Tarot Secrets

Discover the hidden symbolic narrative in the 1993 film Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray

01.29.16 EPISODE # 24:

X-Files and the Evolutionary Triad

An analysis of the symbolism in the new X-Files show, a look at the work of Mike Clelland, and Bill Klaus' xenochrony experiment with David Bowie.

01.01.16 EPISODE # 23:

In The Flesh

The biggest perk of all is spending time with friends and community members. we don't have a profit motive, as the money goes right back into production costs, yet we feel the time and effort is totally worth it to make these events happen. But...

11.04.15 EPISODE # 22:

The Parallel

We're shifting realities with our backs to the future

10.26.15 EPISODE # 21:

After Midnight

Sync blew up the internet on BackToTheFutureDay, but we've got a few more minds to blow with the return of everyone's favorite series, on the anniversary of the very first episode.

05.08.15 EPISODE # 20:

Stay Gold, Paperboy

Turn the page and read between the lines as SQN's paperboy delivers the news.

03.17.15 EPISODE # 19:

The Secret History of Saint Patrick's Day

There is a mystery surrounding 317 that has fascinated me for years. This was my entrance to the rabbit hole: the Secret History of Saint Patrick's Day.

03.05.15 EPISODE # 18:

Mea culpa: Black and Blue

Today's Sync Quick News asks, "Who is the Master Who Makes the Grass Green . . . or Blue or Black or White or Gold."

02.20.15 EPISODE # 17:

My Pet Goat III: The Lightning-Struck Tower

Remember what book Bush was reading during 911? Well, here's another Pet Goat for you all. We continue from last week's look at OZ/77 and examine the Lightning Flash inherent in every aspect of 9/11.

02.13.15 EPISODE # 16:

The Wizard of Ozwald

Today's Sync Quick News hit so hard that it hurts. Celebrate Presidents' Day Weekend driving down the Yellow Brick Road with JFK

02.03.15 EPISODE # 15:

Halftime: best of times, worst of times

Superbowl Halftime Ritual opens the gates of Corporatist Hell, but the new Sync Book members section opens the gates of ecstasy. Hey we can have a superbowl commercial too!

01.29.15 EPISODE # 14:

The Grasshopper Lies Heavy

The latest Sync Quick News is more than a Tale of Two Cities. It is an Interference Pattern of all possible worlds.

01.22.15 EPISODE # 13:

Who Watches the Watchmen?

We seem to be living the plotline of WATCHMEN. Let us examine how it syncs with the news from our entire week.

01.15.15 EPISODE # 12:

Parisian Folly & Mo' Beta Blues

Did the Illuminati kill Charlie Hebdo? Well, that depends on the meaning of a particular French word. Also, is Beta Testing.

01.08.15 EPISODE # 11:

Noah's Yellow Submarine: Two of Every Kind

Paul is Dead, but did Kanye revive him? Doppelgangers all around. Noah Pozner is the boy who died twice.

01.01.15 EPISODE # 10:

Set & Setting : Back to the Astral Plane

Mark Pasio claims to have seen hundreds of UFOs, another airplane goes missing, Obama kinda sorta Ends War in Afghanistan. Plus, the return of the Space Dolphins!

12.18.14 EPISODE # 9:

Sphinxes, Sony, Sydney and Surveillance

Someone wins the Synchromystic of the Year award. Plus the Sydney Siege, SONY hack, and the Elf on the Shelf.

12.11.14 EPISODE # 8:

Locket & Key, Fire Walk With Me

There are actual Keys to the Internet, but the Internet, like everything else, is on Fire.

12.04.14 EPISODE # 7:

The Arch: Cops Cameras and Cards

Everything is upside down and polarized as we read the Tarot cards popping up in the news.

11.27.14 EPISODE # 6:

Sync Quick Music: "THWAK"

We take the week of for Thanksgiving, and give you a musical feast.

11.20.14 EPISODE # 5:

Feast time for the Kelipot

"I am in a world of shit. Yes. But I am alive. And I am not afraid."

11.13.14 EPISODE # 4:

Rihanna, Evil Stick & Comet Lander

More news than you can shake an evil stick at.

11.06.14 EPISODE # 3:

Space Oddities and Ashes to Ashes

Lots of news resonating with 2001 A Space Odyssey, but all our spaceships are falling out of the sky. Plus: The May Queen and Midterm Elections.

10.30.14 EPISODE # 2:

NASA, WTC Rainbow and Sirius 9/11

How many ways can you spell Prism? And how much is that Dog Star in the Window?

10.24.14 EPISODE # 1:

Ebola, Kubrick and the Simpsons

Did you notice that all the news this week, from the Ebola scare to the Simpsons, resonated with Kubrick's Room 237?