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Pentamental is a dialogue-based show that elucidates the intersection(s) between synchronicity, science, culture, & psychonautics. Through the medium of open-minded dialogue, we explore the possibility that the only way out, is in.
Hosted by brothers John & Thomas Maguire.

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04.27.15 Episode 10: Dr. Dean Radin, Dr. Julia Mossbridge

Part 1 - Entangled Minds w/ Dr. Dean Radin:

Parapsychologist & author Dean Radin offers insight on the history of parapsychology, the fundamentals/politics of scientific research, and the nebulous nature of quantum mechanics.
Topics: Bell Labs, Parapsychology, Sociology & Science, Bacon & Intention, JB Rhine & ESP, Micro/Macro PK, Seances, SRI & Remote Viewing, Presentiment, Replication & Meta-Analysis, Frequentist vs. Bayesian Statistics, ASA & Jessica Utts, Ganzfeld, Skeptics, Information & Non-Linearity, Bell’s Theorem, Quantum Biology, Quantum Discord, Orch-OR.

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Part 2 - Unfolding w/ Dr. Julia Mossbridge:
Psychologist & author Julia Mossbridge discusses the nature of time, its relationship to the collective unconscious, and how indoctrination/psychological imprints hold back human progress.
Topics: Dreams, Time, Meta-Analysis, Presentiment, The Unconscious, Illusions, Eternal Now, Neural Correlations, Freewill, Irreducible Causation, Non-Local Consciousness, Story-Telling, Teleology & Utility, Shared Mind, Animals, Indoctrination/Scientism, Choice Compass, Extended Adolescence, Imprinting, 8-Circuits, Infophelia/Infophobia, Fear & Creativity.

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Referenced links:
Dr. Mossbridge's Website . . . Choice Compass Phone App . . . Dr. Radin's Website . . . Music by Guillaume Samard . . . Artwork by Thomas A. Maguire

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